Video - Perspective, Challenges, and Future of Automotive Cyber Security Enriched with Blockchain Technology

06 Dec 2017
Madhusudan Singh
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Time: 01:21:00
As we know, Intelligent vehicles are almost in market and very soon, it will replace the human drivers worldwide. The intelligent vehicles are internet connected vehicles, which is also communicating and data sharing between vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicles to infrastructure (V2I), and within vehicles. In such vehicle communication, they use CALM, DSRC and WAVE communication channels. This kind of machine has many security vulnerabilities such as data security, privacy, legality, trust between vehicles etc. They need a strong security mechanism to solve these challenges. However, the Intelligent vehicles are making secured through the traditional security mechanism similar to information technology security standards (ISO 27000 and family), but a risk of attacks will reach new levels of interoperability, and the independent decision making will begin to embed complexity, security loopholes and potential black swan events. This type of research need to be built in security and architectural design to protect emerging threats. However, Blockchain technology will break this traditional mechanism for data validation and facilitate a trustworthy environment creation for Intelligent vehicles. Blockchain is a secure decentralized distributed ledger. The intelligent vehicles with Blockchain can create and maintain a continuously growing data transaction blocks of cryptographically secured data records against fraudulence and tamper. Blockchain can also reduce the cost of data and unpredictability of working edge devices or connecting machines. It simplifies the development of cost effective data transaction, where anything can be tracked and exchanged, without requiring a central body. However, security is big challenge for intelligent vehicles. This presentation will introduce the automotive cyber security: perspective, challenges, and discuss how can blockchain can provide a secure trust environment for the intelligent vehicles. Where unknown vehicles can communicate and share the data with each others without disclosing any personal information. We have tried to present a secure trust environment model for Intelligent machines based on blockchain.