Session One, Smart Power Electronics Based Active Battery Energy Management Systems for Electric Transportation

02 Apr 2019
Sheldon Williamson
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Time: 01:31:37
More recently, the trend in the auto industry is to move towards electric modes of transport as well as autonomous e-mobility (self-powered cars and urban mass mobility). Hence, it has become imperative to find a solution, to manage energy production and usage accurately, especially within the context of future electric energy storage systems. Enhancing the life of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs has been the topic of much interest in the auto industry. In this framework, the role of on-board cell voltage balancing of Li-ion batteries will be highlighted in this talk. This is a very important topic in the context of battery energy storage cost and life/state-of-charge, SOC/state-of-health, and SOH monitoring. Li-ion batteries provide a reasonable solution for e-transport; however, the main issues include: Cycle life (range anxiety), calendar life, energy density, power density, and safety. These issues can be addressed effectively by using a simple practical approach: a power electronics based dynamic cell voltage equalizer. The design and implementation of a novel, reduced-parts DC/DC converters for battery cell-voltage-equalization will be discussed. The design, implementation, and testing/validation of the active cell-balancing DC/DC converter topology will be presented.

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