Session Three, Integrated PV/Smart-grid Based Charging Applications

02 Apr 2019
Sheldon Williamson
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Time: 01:43:56
This presentation will introduce both home and public charging interface designs from a power electronic intensive solution perspective. Several grid-connected as well as PV/grid interface topologies for EV charging will be presented, with detailed comparative points highlighted. The modeling, sizing, design, and implementation of a novel high-efficiency, single-stage PV/grid/EV charging infrastructure will be presented. The novel charging infrastructure is universal and smart in nature, whereby EV batteries of different chemistries as well as charging rates can be accommodated in a single power conversion stage. The designed charging infrastructure will support both Level 1 as well as Level 2 DC charging. This is a new concept for charging EVs. This is critical, due to the inevitable penetration of renewable energy sources, which are inherently DC in nature. According to SAE J1772 standards, DC charging of EVs can be performed at 200-450 V DC, 36.0 kW, and 80 A (DC Level 1), and up to 200 A, 90 kW (DC Level 2).�

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