Slides - Automotive Vehicles and Data Analysis for Driver Safety and Security Services

11 Jun 2018
Dhananjay Singh
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Nowadays connected vehicles and automotive vehicles related projects are evolving rapidly. Therefore, automotive markets are desperately in need of solutions that can improve safety of driving, security of vehicles as well as need to reduce the cost of ownership of an automobile. Several researchers have visualized interconnections of smart embedded sensor devices (SESD) in the vehicles which change the life of vehicles and vehicle owner. SESD is used to provide a notification of any safety critical incident and hazard to the cloud server. However, two vehicles are collided and after collision both vehicles immediately inform their vehicular cloud server about the collision so that another vehicles and their respective organization and person are aware the situation and can take necessary action. SESD communication mechanism update vehicle history and similar other cases such as sudden braking, road maintenance, dangerous situations. In this talk I would like to focuses on the following issues. What are the most appropriate distributed architectures to support vehicular cloud networks What are the most suitable ways to the management of both safe and smart driving in personal/public vehicles What is the most appropriate way to improve establish a distributed networks of connected vehicles services Finally, I will present the Smart-Eye solutions which can support an automotive markets for smart and safe driving.

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